Everything you need to build and deploy services in the cloud

Rapid development

Fold provides a complete local development environment that makes it quick and easy to build your services.

Simple deployment

Once it works locally, it works remotely. Just one command is all you need to take it from localhost to the web.


Under the hood, fold leverages modern cloud technology to ensure that your services scale as far as you need them to.

Transparent pricing

With traditional cloud providers, you never know quite what the bill is going to be. Fold aims to provide simple, transparent and predictable pricing instead.

We're still figuring this out so the pricing is liable to change, but we're committed to solving this problem for our customers.


£5Per monthplus£2Per extra service

  • No surprise bills
  • Test environment
  • Production environment
  • Cancel anytime
  • 24/7 Support
  • No per user fees
  • Image repository
  • Personal subdomain
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